Best online casino video slots, which slots are the best

 The video slots are the most popular game at the online casinos and rightly so, considering they are the best way to win big, while wagering relatively small amount of money. But just like everything else, there are good video slots and there are slots to be avoided. Here we will take a look at the best online casino video slots, i.e. those with the best odds of winning, and the slots you should avoid at the online casinos.

 Let's start with the video slot machines you should generally stay away from, when gambling online. The worst slots are by far some of the one-armed bandits – the one-reel, one-line slots. For the amount bet at those slots, the payouts are far from great. Of course, not all 1-reel 1-line slots are bad, there are a few gems at every online casino, but you really have to spend some time searching through all of them to find those good one-armed bandits. But when you do – it's totally worth the effort you put into it. But in general the problem with those video slot machines is that there is one or two big payout combinations, while the rest are nothing worth gambling for. And most of the time players would get the lowest possible payout combinations, yet never see the top win, even though it's not that high to begin with. Again, we are generalizing here, there are some really good 1-reel 1-line slots, you just have to look for them and look hard, too.

 On the opposite side of the matter, we have the best video slots you can play at the online casino – the multi-reel multi-line slots with bonus features. These are the slot machines that made the online casinos popular and also made the slots (as a segment of the casino games) the most played games, despite the long-established fact that Blackjack has the best odds. If you have never played these type of video slots you are missing on the best the online casino has to offer. Not only your chances of getting a payout out of those 5-reel 20-line slots is amazingly greater than the previously discussed slots, the bonus features are the real winner in our book. Depending on the online casino you've chosen, there are slots that offer free spins, a lot of free spins. Some video slots offer up to 100 free spins with the payout of the winning combinations doubled and even tripled! Triggering one of those free spins bonuses is a guarantee of a windfall of epic proportions. In addition to the free spins, there are extra bonus games (again, depending on the online casino), which give you a shot a guaranteed prize, some of them equaling many times your wager. Thus, if you want to know which are the best online casino video slots, you have your answer. Check out the best online casinos listed on our home page. All of them offer those multi-reel multi-line video slots we have been talking about.

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