Casino Software

Not many people realize how the online casinos work and for them the gambling websites are just like sausages - you don't want to know how they are made. But knowing the basic inner workings of the online casinos could be beneficial for the novice gambler. In this section we will look at the main component of any online casino - the software.

 The gambling software is the part of the online casino people actually download and install on their computers. It determines what kind of games the casino will offer, progressive jackpots, depositing and withdrawal options as well as country of acceptance. Each online casino licenses the software from the developer of the said software and pays a "rent" to use it.

 This has many benefits, including the large progressive jackpots people win, which are the result of many of the online casinos paying a rake into the jackpot pot. An exception to this rule is Bovada Casino, which has purchased the rights to the software and has added many more new games by itself. But it also keeps the gambling software developer in a for of an authority and gives them oversight over the online casinos it licenses. This greatly benefits the customers - in the past a few bad software companies gave away licenses without due diligence and were quickly made out by the community. This resulted in all casinos by this software to be listed as rogue on gambling portals like ours and those gambling software developers quickly disappeared to never be seen again.

 As we mentioned, the casino software would determine what kind of games would be available to the casino patrons, one of the main reasons people should pay attention to the software. Two online casino by different companies which use the same casino software are bound to have very similar games. Thus if you want to find different games than your current online casino, one should look not only for a different casino, but a casino licensed by a different software developer, as well.

 Soon we will look into the main software developers here.

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