Comp Points: The online casino loyalty program

We all know about the bonuses the casinos offer their customers, but another way to get some extra money from the online casinos is by utilizing the loyalty program, often referred to as "comp points". The comp points, or complimentary points, is a great system for the players to build up a free money bankroll with time. Here we will take a look at how the casino loyalty program works and the basics of the comp points.

 Unlike the casino bonus, where the players get a bonus as a percentage of their deposits, the comp points are a much easier way to add some free money without the need to deposit anything. The comp points are points assigned to a customer based on the amount he or she wagers at the online casino. For example, the most often seen calculation of comp points is 1 point for every dollar wagered. Here we should underline that this is not points for money lost, rather than point for money wagered. In other words, it doesn't matter if the bet the customer places is a winner or not, rather the amount of the bet determines the amount of comp points the online casino loyalty program will give the player. For example, if a player bets $10 on a roulette spin, the comp points they will receive would be 10, regardless the outcome of the bet. You may lose the $10 or you may win, but you will get 10 comp points for simply placing the wager in the first place.

 As you could already guess, one can be a winner and still get free money from the com points loyalty program. Of course, there is a difference between complimentary points and actual money. Most of the online casinos would convert the comp points as 100-1, i.e. for every 100 points the player will get $1 in free money. But as you can see from the explanation above, you basically get the free money for simply playing, making the comp points the best online casino loyalty program available.

 And to make it even better, some online casinos would give you extra comp points depending on the "level" you are as a player. For example, Las Vegas USA casino gives its top level players extra $25 for the redemption of complimentary points. The casino assign the player a top level just by reaching $1000 worth of points, which is within reach of the majority of the gamblers. And once this level is reached the players will get an extra $75.

 It's evident that the com points are a great way to increase one's bankroll with no effort at all. The money is quietly adding up in the background which people enjoy their games and in the end - they can tap into the comp points and get some extra money. Check with your preferred online casino under their loyalty programs to see how they calculate the comp points.

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