Top 3 online casinos - the top three casinos

Every day hundreds of people come to our website in search of the best online casino, and which we give them a large choice of really good places to gamble online, we realize the need to take a serious look and post the top 3 online casinos. Of course, this doesn't mean that the rest of the internet casinos we have listed are bad, instead we asked ourselves, if we had to play at only three online casinos, which would be out top choice? Here is our list of the top 3 online casinos:

Vegas Casino Online - among the top online casinos we instantly added the Vegas Casino Online, one of our preferred gambling websites for over a decade. The casino has a relatively large bonus of 125% on your first deposit, bigger than the standard 100% most casinos offer today. Now this may not seem like a lot, if one is depositing only $50, but if it were $500 instead, the extra 25% is nothing to sneeze at. This online casino has been in operation for over 10 years and has kept a clean sheet throughout its existence, something not many online casinos could brag about, unfortunately. Overall this is rightfully the leader among the top 3 online casinos.

Bovada Casino - Another gambling name many people are probably very familiar with. Formerly known as Bodog, this online casino has changed its name but that's about it - it is the same old quality internet casino and with an offer of up to $1,600 for new customers, no wonder it's so popular with new players. Existing players also get the opportunity to cash in on 10% bonus on every deposit they make, just an added benefit to gamble at an online casino with 16 years of experience in the business.

Casino Titan - although the youngest one on our top three online casinos list, Titan is a quality establishment offering everything one may need (over 200 different casino games), great customer service and no bull. The fact that the casino has been operational for shorter period that the other casinos on our top casino list is only beneficial to the gambler - the casino is offering up to $3K in free bonuses to lure experienced gamblers from the rest of the casinos. We often shun away from extremely large bonus offers, but when they come from good casinos, we encourage customers to take advantage, it's free money after all and who doesn't like free money?

All of the top 3 online casinos listed here are truly the blue print to what a good online casino should offer its patrons. You can't go wrong with visiting any of them and to be perfectly honest, the only difference would be in the software (i.e. different games at each casino), as well as the welcome bonus. All of them are otherwise holding an amazing record of providing good service to the players.

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