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We have listed the best online casinos on our home page, but we also realize the need to shorten the list and here we will do this by only listing the top-rated online casinos, i.e. a list of high-rated casinos online. Usually we have our own requirements for rating the internet casinos we recommend on our main page, but this time we will go a bit different and see which online casino will make the top-rated manifesto. For the purposes of the exercise we have visited the most popular gambling and casino forums, as well as some influential blogs related to online gambling, and have compared the casinos on our top list to find out which are high-rated by the general public.

 Keep in mind that although the online casinos have been top-rated by other people, gamblers just like you, and lack actual in-depth previews and the tests we use to rate on our own, we confined the final selection to only include casinos which are already part of our best online casino list. We did this in order to avoid the possibility of sending our visitors to a problematic gambling websites, because it turns out that there are a couple of online casinos getting good recommendations from some people on the forums, yet we know for a fact that those casinos have been employing some questionable tactics and schemes for quite a while. Here are the top-rated online casinos"

#1 Slots Plus - this is the high-rated online casino on the list. We were not very surprised to see Slots Plus so highly recommended and the recent increase of their bonus offer (up to $7,000 free) certainly has a lot to do with it. This is certainly a top-rated online casino, no doubt about it.

#2 Bovada - yet no surprise here either. Bovada, formerly Bodog Casino, has always prided on offering some of the best service in the gambling industry and there is no reason why this online casino shouldn't be high-rated, as well.

#3 Manhattan Slots - the place this online casino takes on the top-rated list is a clear indication that the online casinos are all about slots these days. Players definitely are searching for quality video slots and this is the proof that they have no problems finding them. With the ever-improving quality and graphics of the video slots at the casinos today, no shocker that people are having a really fun time playing them.

#4 Casino Titan - another large bonus online casino making it to the high-rated casino guide. Needless to say this is a quality company and it's paying off considering that the casino is one of the newest on the internet gambling scene, yet already receives the accolades of being a top-rated online casino.

 And those are the top-rated online casinos, as ranked by regular customers of theirs. Nothing really scientific has been employed to generate the high-rated list, just counting the votes other people give those casinos and see which ones made it. Even so, it is clear that a couple of trends are emerging from the creation of the top-rated online casino guide. The first is that people today are mostly looking for the best slots to play online, rather than the table games, as is used to be a few years ago. We attribute this switch of preferences to the great improvements the software has gone through in the past years. The second trend is a one that will not surprise anyone - people are searching for the biggest bonus they can get. Yet one more reason many people prefer to gamble online as opposed to the land-based casinos.

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